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The latest Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Players Handbook.

This book is the necessary book for playing A D&D.  I find it an easy read and read it in a few months.  It is considered also a reference for playing the game.  Every player should have one.

Brave New World.

Are you into nanotechnology?  How about artificial life or artificial insemination?  This story describes these before they existed.  The test tube baby grew from the pages of this book.  Again it's a future rebellion story with a savage world and a hi-tech world.

Animal Farm

Wonder how to get behind your local communist candidate?  The ideas of slavery to wages and the idea of revolution are explored from the view point of animals.  Vote Green anyone?

The Return of the Pink Panther

The fun you can have with a video machine is here.  Check out this old slap stick gag film and enjoy life again.  Peter Sellers provided plenty of belly laughs to me and my school mates in the seventies.  This was the much waited for return film, and yes, you can buy Star Wars instead.

Star Wars - Special Edition(1997)

The idea of a big science fiction film in the late seventies was amazing.  the computer graphics were just being invented.  While it is a plot of good verses evil there is also a lot of destruction in the film.  Or maybe you have been flying a hornet lately?

Teletubbies Play Hide-And-Seek! : A Lift-The-Flap Book (Teletubbies)

Not sure what's going on here.  The teletubbies are just some fab characters in a TV show.  So do you watch TV in the bath?  Do you long for simple looking humans?  Get with the kids and read this fun book.

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.

If you wonder about writing and journals and don't mind a twenty year voyage through psychiatry then this book is for you.  The author suffered electroshock and then years of being a good mechanic. he too had problems with the ivory tower folks but he seems to have won his debate.  Philosophy and the idea of quality may have set up American retail and manufacturing industry.  But hey, the guy is nut.

The Famous Alice's Restaurant Sound Track

Looking for the true hippy?  Need to see a warm story of a group of youths engaged in industry?  Let the sounds thrill you and the music entrance you.  The songs of a great movie and part of my teen years as well as my earlier years.  Flower power rules!

The Globe Sessions

Do you play the bass with one finger?  Need to listen to the hippest songs since Lou Reed went solo?  This women rocks and her many appearances on TV prove she is good person even if over talented or rich.

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