<!-- Author Pierre Anoid, Date 04-05-10 -->
<!-- A dtd for Protesting and the keeping track and planning of protests -->
<!-- define the root ELEMENT -->
<!-- The asterix means zero or more instances -->
<!ELEMENT PROTEST (Location*, Date*, OrganizingGroups*, SupportingGroups*, FundingGroups*,
ParticipatingGroups*, Type*, Style*, Cost*, Police*, Medicine*, Law*, Fire*, Government*,
Objective*, Message*, Advertizing*, Food*, Other*)>
<!-- Define an entity for contact info to include address, phone, etc.. -->
<!ENTITY % cont "(Name+, Address*, Phone*, Email*, Web*, ContactName*)">
<!-- define the Location ELEMENT -->
<!ELEMENT Location>
<!-- define the Date ELEMENT -->
<!-- define the OrganizingGroups  ELEMENT -->
<!ELEMENT  OrganizingGroups (Contact, Person, Funds, Contribution)>
<!ELEMENT Contact %cont;>
<!-- define the SupportingGroups  ELEMENT -->
<!ELEMENT SupportingGroups (Contact, Person, Funds, Contribution)>
<!ELEMENT Contact %cont;>
<!-- define the FundingGroups  ELEMENT -->
<!ELEMENT  FundingGroups (Contact, Person, Funds, Contribution)>
<!ELEMENT Contact %cont;>
<!-- define the ParticipatingGroups  ELEMENT -->
<!ELEMENT ParticipatingGroups (Contact, Person, Funds, Contribution)>
<!ELEMENT Contact %cont;>
<!-- define the Type of protest   ELEMENT -->
<!-- define the Style of protest ELEMENT -->
<!ELEMENT Style>
<!-- define the Cost of protest  ELEMENT -->
<!-- define the  Police presence at  protest  ELEMENT -->
<!ELEMENT Police (Contact, )>
<!ELEMENT Contact %cont;>
<!-- define the  Medical presence at  protest  ELEMENT -->
<!ELEMENT Medicine (Contact, )>
<!ELEMENT Contact %cont;>
<!-- define the Legal presence at  protest  ELEMENT -->
<!ELEMENT Law (Contact>
<!ELEMENT Contact %cont;>
<!-- define the  Fire presence at  protest  ELEMENT -->
<!ELEMENT Fire (Contact, )>
<!ELEMENT Contact %cont;>
<!-- define the Government rules concerning the  protest  ELEMENT -->
<!ELEMENT Government (Contact, )>
<!ELEMENT Contact %cont;>
<!-- define the protest Objective ELEMENT -->
<!ELEMENT Objective>
<!-- define the protest Message ELEMENT -->
<!ELEMENT Message>
<!-- define the protest Advertizing  ELEMENT -->
<!ELEMENT Advertizing (Contact, )>
<!ELEMENT Contact %cont;>
<!-- define the Food  presence at  protest  ELEMENT -->
<!ELEMENT Food (Contact, )>
<!ELEMENT Contact %cont;>
<!-- define the others details at the  protest  ELEMENT -->
<!ELEMENT Other>
Updated 04-05-10, <at571@ncf.ca>