Theory of why the Universe is expanding and why all sort of parts of it are also expanding.


The first assumtion


To understand why the Universe expands it's possible to make an assumtion of anti-gravity. This means there is a force like with electronic, and magnetic forces that has two polarities. This is the force of gravity.


Negative Space


This is realised through looking at a space as the eighth octet in a a three dimensional coordinate system, where -x,-y,-z are the values. This should allow the famous formula F=MA to solve for negative acceleration. This puts our provable gravity as a positive force and the as yet unproved anti-gravity as the negative force but only as negative acceleration.


The calculus

The mass is always positive but when there is a vacum or a region of outerspace that has no matter, ie when M is approaching zero in a limit equation or approaching negative infinity as at the time before the Universe existed then force also seems to be zero.


The second assumtion


So assume F= 1.000000 and that the force is just that a one, unity, the force that is with us and all that, and negative mass and negative acceleration and we may have the Ultimate force of the Universe.


The result


Actually the acceleration becomes negative and the gravitational expansion here in proposed works to bring matter and mass to the empty or negative space.


What it means.


Mass becomes and the idea that there must be something is able to find expression. The Universe fills up with stars and planets, galaxies, because there is space to fill.



Theory and formula manipulation copyright by Peter Timusk



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