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Crystal Computing started when Peter Timusk  got a job creating a crystalline materials database. He was a junior scientific information analyst in 1978. Crystal Computing was then the name he used for his web site in 1995.  Many of his friends also took to using computers on-line and he helped many people connect to the web. He encouraged web site building as a form of empowerment for disabled adults.

On the Crystal Computing site you can find Peter's resumes, Peter's short stories and poems, and learned papers. The number of different resume proving that more people will not have one job for life but move through several jobs and may study many school subjects, and that knowledge and a keen attitude are important in the working life.

Still working now full time in the government and studying part-time he has completed a B.Math degree and continued to study for a second degree in legal studies. His legal studies B.A. is also completed and many of his essays from this program are on this web site. He is now studying at the University of Ottawa in a graduate certificate program in systems science. He has spent three years as a part time teaching assistant in undergraduate statistics courses at Carleton University where he studied for the ten years part-time.

He also has learned web design. And thus Crystal Computing exists.
He spends a great deal of on-line time these days writing about daily life on his blogs at blogspot and elsewhere. 



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Radiation Warning This leads to a short review of Anti-Nuclear literature read by Peter. And don't forget to buy one of these books in the on-line bookstore.

Books on Espionage Please have a look at my Espionage reading list, just link on the books between the bookends.

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