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Books about Espionage{The books are listed in chronological order and noted as to the year read.}

  • Computer Security Terminology Handbook,(1998).
  • A few hours in the library reading this book, informed me of the academic nature of computer security. This book which I scanned from A-G lets one know when a word refers to computer science, when banking, when computer security or when communication. This is necessary because so many terms are used in different ways in computing.
  • Government Documents covering COMSEC(1997-1998)
  • Calling up the government is a habit for me in Ottawa, often the friendly person on the other end has the ability to mail me some publications, or index of publications that are useful. This was the case, with the RCMP. Who were able through the IT security directorate to get me up to date on the Bulletin they produce concerning viruses, and theft of computers. As well, I was able to read the general guidelines for government computer security and be aware of the government acts involved with computers and crime.
  • Spy Catcher, Peter Wright(not yet read).
  • By Way of Deception, Claire Hoy&Victor Ostrovsky(1995)
  • This book covers Victor's activities in MOSSAD. I read the first few chapters about his recruitment and the tests he was put through to gain his job. I didn't finish this book.
  • Target Nation, James Littleton(1993).
  • Covering the USA-Canada relation in espionage this book shows how close we are as countries and how we must follow the right wing agenda determined in the US. More than right wing, we must focus our espionage efforts on the same targets as the USA. There are a few cases in this book to back up the fears we might have of the USA and involvement of their intelligence agencies in our politics.
  • The War Business, George Thayer(1993).
  • A very detailed look at some arms traders. It also shows how the arms trade can have one side of a war fighting with the other sides weapons. This was interesting in the effort to understand the arms budgets of most countries. It also shows some of the tricks arms sales men use to increase their profits.
  • Threat, Andrew Cockburn(1992).
  • As the cold war wound down more and more accounts of the Soviet military pored into book stores even department stores bookshelves. This was one book to look at the state of the Soviet military machine. I read about the recruitment of the armed forces in the former Soviet Union and the conditions of some of the troops.
  • Games of Intelligence: The Classified Conflict of International Espionage, Nigel West(1992)
  • A good general read to get started in reading espionage books. Basic review of cases, and agencies involved in the Western English world.
  • Spy Wars,J.L.Granastein & David Stafford(1992).
  • This is not too informative historically with the same old cases drawn out again between Canada and Russia. But in fact, it covers the new CISIS agency and has some of the cases we hear about involving immigrants with shady backgrounds being forced out of the country or being helped out by CISIS.
  • Official Secrets, Richard Cleroux(1991).
  • A very interesting book detailing the recruitment and early years of CISIS.
  • The Foreign Intelligence Literature Scene(1989-1991).
  • A newsletter covering mostly the espionage literature scene. From Washington, DC.
  • Whole Earth Review, Article on espionage newsletters, (1988)
  • A short article that covered the use of espionage between the two Superpowers and suggested the above newsletter, as well as, other sources for espionage information.
  • Complete Personal Security Handbook(1987).
  • Written by an American general this book covers keeping yourself, your family and your business and neighborhood safe and secure. Most to the stuff is easy to implement and it's all written with a light style and the diagrams of door locks, cable locks, and even lie detectors are sort of eye pleasing.

    Codes and Ciphers(1975)

    A Teach Yourself Book,

    This book taught me about simple codes and covered most of what I knew from Hardy Boys books and other detective stories I read as a child. But this book introduced me to more advanced codes and soon I was deciphering computer punch tapes for the whole alphabet. Not sure who wrote this book or where it is now. Look around at Amazon if your a teenager and need to get started in codes and ciphers you might find a similar book available these days.

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