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The scientist, my Dad, Thomas Timusk, B.A. Ph.D..

The family, I am from, is Estonian Canadian and middle class. Just about everyone in my generation has gone to University, as well, most of my generation are married now.

My grandfather on my mothers side was an Air Trainer in the Commonwealth Flight training program during the Second World War and moved to Czechoslovakia as an Air Attache in the fifties. Gordon William Welstead wrote a genealogy of his family in the late seventies. This English Canadian family came to Canada about 1841 from Essex, England. My grandmother(Mary Dunham Welstead) was a supply teacher in the late sixties and early seventies taking me to one of her pottery classes at a local High School(Fisher Park) one day. Her family was descendant from Puritan and German Stock and landed in the sixteen hundreds in New England. They helped found New Berlin in Ontario which since the war as been known as London.

My grandfather on my dad's side met his wife(Alide Timusk) while both worked in farming education in Estonia. Alide's father ran a liquor store or general store for the last Czar. Two of her nephews's were shot by the Soviets. Evalt Timusk had to fight with the underground militia named the Forest Brothers and was imprisoned by the Nazis, only to escape to Sweden with the family and become an International Refugee and settle in Canada. Here my grandfather worked as both a house painter and artist and my grandmother worked as a seamstress before they both retired to church, community and political activities.

All my grandparents lived to see the end of the cold war. But now they are passed away. My Uncles, Aunts, and cousins are living in different parts of Canada, the State of New York, and some more distant in Estonia. The family is respected in Estonia both for their support of independence and also for Athletics within the past Soviet State.

Some family links to web sites and e mail.

My Mother Carol A. Timusk

My mother worked for the City of Kanata and she was a Town Planner. She started the CUPE local at that city hall.  And during her working at City Hall she saw much of Kanata, also known as silicon valley North, developed. She graduated from McMaster with an honors degree in English and History. She studied town planning at the University of Ottawa. She spent a lot time teaching me how to write. She retired to a cabin in the country side near the Morning Glory Commune just outside of Wilno, Ontario.

My brother Martin Timusk

Marty works in web publishing and is web master at his own web publishing business Timusk.com. He also teaches web work at a college in Toronto. He helped me set up my site with some of the graphics. His site has good graphics and coffee:),

Here is a short list of some of the sites he has helped to make.

  • His original site on-line 1995.
  • The site of a theatre company Livent.{now down the company went out of business}
  • Wedding Bells.
  • Pete's Poetry.
  • Domestic Science.
  • Timusk.com.

    My dad Thomas Timusk

    My dad has helped me with school work and other things in life. He works a lot in his laboratory and travels the globe on the physics lecture circuit. He recently was inducted in the Royal Society of Canada.

    View a photo of Tom(15K JPEG).

    View a photo of my younger brother Simon Link.(15K JPEG).

    View a photo of my Estonian cousins(15K JPEG).

    View a photo of the Estonian family at the old family farm in Estonia(15K JPEG).



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