My Sports and Games section of Crystal Computing.

My favorite sport is cycling.  I have been a high school trained jock.  I enjoyed many frisbee games after school years and also playing softball with friends in Hamilton.  I enjoyed watching Wide World of Sports in the sixties and seventies.  I also watch CBC sports Olympic coverage.  I have trained at Les Spadassins fencing club in 1984.  So that's my one sports club membership.  I enjoy bike repair and know two of Ottawa's finest mechanics Victor Manotken of Fresh Air Experience and Dave of Dave's a recumbent specialist.

I have on the web site collected Bike Web sites in a list on the cycling web page.

My favorite game is chess.  I have played one game of Mac Chess and distributed it to school children in the Baker Lake NWT.  Orin Drury a teacher in Baker Lake got the program from me and added this shareware program to his students computers.

I also have played many board games. I started playing board games with a German version of Monopoly,  then moved on to an English version.  Here is the list of board games I can remember.

I have a good understanding of cards.  But I can't really play bridge.  I have played hundreds of hands of euchre.  I played a little nickel and dime poker in high school with my friends.  I have been on the board of a drop-in where consumers of mental health services played cards and other games. I learned cards in my family. I recently started playing role playing games. I have been playing Advanced Dungeons and Dragons since 1998. I was fasinated in the first dungeon I entered to remember the way out. This became the beginning of my accounting the adventures that my first character Nulorgo went through. Please visit Nulorgo's adventures and if you want learn about this game from links there.

I also started to play a trading card game called Netrunner. This game is based on the role playing game called Cyberpunk. I have also been learning to play this game Cyberpunk my second role playing game. Check out my thoughts on the cyberpunk literary genre and read some of my stories.

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 This page last updated January 5th, 2004.

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