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Here are some links to web sites that have been educational and have used up hours of my time, while I went from IBM XT user to where I am now. Internet World is a magazine available at corner stores and has the respect of myself and others at being a none hyped way of Internet reporting. The discovery channel is a new cable channel, which has a lot of presentations(shows) about the net. They are an Interactive channel and are user/viewer friendly. Lastly there's my old friend... the Freenet. This is how I first went on-line in 1994. Yes I had used a modem as early as 1976 to use a computer from a dumb terminal, but that was where the connection ended for me. If you have been alive as long as I have, or longer, you know that it's a lot different now.

Actually only FreeNet used up my on-line time.  Internet World used up my time as a magazine. The Discovery channel used up my time,  at seven or eleven  pm, each day in it's first two years of broadcasting and is of course my televison watching time.

P.S. Internet World Magazine is now not publishing the same magazine but the link is still good for Internet news. Try it.

Internet World Magazine
The Discovery Channel
The National Capital Freenet


After I read and posted to Usenet I found e mail pen pals to write to for friendship, on-line help, or discussion. Also my real life friends wanted to be on the net too. This following link allows you to see the web pages of these people or e mail my real life friends.

Usenet Friends.



The Internet has an occupation of real space. That is it extends over the globe. This site shows some of connections.

The Geography of Cyber Space web site.

For searching information I have found Yahoo to be really good, there's even a Yahoo Canada. Have a look at the Countries page at Yahoo; this page may give you an idea of the global extent of the Internet. My Crystal Computing site is included in the Yahoo database too.


Read the story of my explorations with Freenet and the idea of volunteering on the Internet. It's a bit long but you may enjoy it as cyber culture.


My geek code{GM$/PA$} is here at least for politics and entertainment: !PSPE-Y++@!PGP@ and now for entertainment:t++5?X-@rtv+b+++DI-D?G, that last G means I know about geek code.


This was my first ISP and a good one at that.  They were bought by iStar and then iStar was bought by PSINET.    My website used to be on the magi server.

This page last updated December 27th, 2001.

Thanks so much for visiting.

Thanks to the robotics student Bill Haq who told me that I could hookup to the net with a used computer, David Hume for selling me his XT with 10 MEG hard drive. Thanks to my father for the donation of the modem for the XT. Thanks to the volunteers and board members of FreeNet. Also thanks to my brother for making the ISP service work so well, my friends in the Psyhcos and the Convoyeurs should be thanked, and Arni at Causeway for empowering me on Freenet. Also great apprectiation is meant for the above media even if a bit overpowering(IMHO).

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