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The Working Life

Peter's school studies have been in the sciences, particularly combining mathematics, geography, and engineering graphics, to explore such topics at work as tourism, crystallography, technical theatre, environmental canvassing, security, and, of course computing. He has always been a bike commuter and has never owned a car. He is also very interested in applied arts such as bike mechanics, music and other fine arts. Please read some undergraduate science papers of his on the web. Or visit the underground pages for arts. 
These studies were done at the beautiful campuses of two Universities. First, he studied and worked at McMaster where, his dad taught Astronomy and researched in the Solid State lab and taught numerous graduate students. Second, Carleton, where the part-time option was so successful but extremely stressful. Peter eventually settled into completing a B.Math in statistics. He has also completed a BA in legal studies. He is presently studying at the university of Ottawa in graduate school courses in systems science.
At McMaster Peter studied Natural Science and at Carleton geography and statistics. Peter's *What's the world about at school? * Web page is a borrowed and original look at our planet. He has graduated with a degree in statistics, although he is knowledgeable in many of the science branches and other school disciplines. He can use SAS and ArcView as well as various typical non-specialist softwares. His Webpage X web space at has some of his legal studies on computer crime and other computer ethics papers.

Another subject he has studied recently
has been managing volunteers.   This subject is not aimed so much at academic progress but aims to bring professionalism to this vocation.  Please read some of his projects on the web.

The Underground page which is another choice on the home page is more activist oriented with links galore to environmental, peace and political groups that Peter has volunteered with, in Ottawa. It has creative sides and pages with rock and roll photos. There is a link to a Poetry site and some Cyberpunk fiction. There are some resumes too linked to the Underground page and linked below for bass playing and technical theatre. There are some links in the Underground web space to Union sites, as well.
Peter has belonged to the Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute (CASI) attended Space Bound 91 and then moved on to the Canadian Mathematics Society, in 1994. He was invited to join the Chemical Society of America but declined.  He is a Green Party member and both a psychiatric and environmental activist.

Present Career goals.

Links lead to resume or other web pages.
Peter's Resume {His education and a few job titles}.
Peter has experience in all these areas so if you have work get in touch. And don't you be shy the web is for talk.

The Aboveground collection of documents is Peter's writing's in school, and volunteering in the community. There are some links to subjects and people he has found information about on the Internet. Start at any of the tables.
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