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Legal warnings and copyright information

All that is written on this site is copyright protected, but you may read it. Songs will be registered with SOCAN as Peter is a member since 1987. Universities, Colleges and the Public School System in Ontario, may have rights in a limited form to some of the web pages provided credit is given to Peter Timusk.

As well the web master is not speaking for his employers, or members of the organisations that are mentioned on this web site such as charities, unions, or political parties or any other free associations of people.

The web master has no present monetary connection to the computer industry, except for money he recieves from for book sales referral fees.

The web master does volunteer with Freenet and abides by the rules of both the Freenet user agreement, and other Freenet agreements such as happens as a volunteer with Freenet.

Further he has service contracts signed with, Infoweb and iStar and Sympatico. But has cancelled his service with iStar and Infoweb.

And further follows the content guidelines at Geo Cities and the submission guidelines at search engines where this site or other sites of his are listed such as Yahoo, Excite, professional and consumer databases, or others such as web sites of individuals.

The Crystal Computing site is not producing any software in relation to databases for commercial use. Nor any other software for sale, but we sure would like too.

I strive to make this site fit for use to everybody but please know that it may be of limited interest to many people and further strive to follow style guidelines in regards web site design.

Have a peaceful Internet experience.

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