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Pure Usenet Friends

I have never met this person but in my early internet experience met people in the cyber space on usenet and started to e-mail them.

The links connect to their web pages.

Friend's Pete has helped to get on-line or talks to on-line.
The links on their names will open your e mail software or a web page.

Usenet Newsgroups Peter Reads

  1. comp.lang.fortran...yes I learned FORTRAN IV and then FORTRAN 77 and have been stuyding Fortran 90 and high performance Fortran. Read the newsgroup.
  2. alt.punk I checked out this newsgroup for a while but then gave it up. Read the newsgroup.
  3. alt.bass this newsgroup too was one of my early experiences with usenet. Read the newsgroup.
  4. alt.politics.greens I read this news group a bit along with sci.environment both seem rather dumb due to long argument threads.  But both of these newsgroups can also be useful. Read alt.politics.greens.Read sci.environment
  5. sci.geo.hyrdology this newsgroup is good. Many water sciences questions come up and people try to answer them. Read the newsgroup.
  6. sci.materials another good question and answer newsgroup about materials sciences. Read the newsgroup.
  7. comp.society.futures a low traffic newsgroup with a little speculation. Read the newsgroup.
  8. alt.tv.discovery.canada...now off usenet. It was a Canadian Televison network newsgroup.
  9. alt.support.schziophrenia Peter is the newsgroup's web master. Read the newsgroup. Read the semi official web page and FAQ.
  10. ott.forsale.computing a local newsgroup with used and private sales of computer hardware and some software. Read the newsgroup.

This Page Last Updated September 15, 2005.

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