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Statement of personal history:
While involved with Canadian acts from Hamilton left me a bassist, I had always liked to sing. Finally in 1985 I gained my voice. I have often been heard to say the word *punk*, my lyrical strenght is abstract, and my bass playing is emotive to myself, and derived through Guitar Player magazine and covers of early pieces to be blues and rock n' roll. I attain some comedic elements in my performances when I am leading the band but when others lead it, well, I can't speak for the other artists I have played with on my bass. At present local managers find my tunes to be alternative, but who knows what they will be seen as five years from now, or heard as. I like improvisational techniques and if you give me some fine art history I'll tell you that I too belong to that school of expression even if it's long dead. I have improved over the years and become as comfortable as possible on the big stage with out actually playing the big stage. I am still a small cafe performer and like it that way. Early influences were the sixties musicans in pop, rock and folk, as the seventies wore on I went big act influences to top forty and progessive material for the ear. I hit a core mental intensity with bands such as the Adverts and the Clash. I spent a lot of evenings in bars listening to Teenage Head. In the eighties I began to become more exposed to thrash and other off shoots of early punk. As I gained my maturity as a person I began to tune into many of the early twentyth century recordings of blues and jazz being featured on CKCU.
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