Green Party resume and other good causes

Peter's limited involvement with the Green Party.


Peace Rally Photo on the Hill

A peace rally to appose the testing of the cruise missle by the USA in Canadian air space. The protesters are gathered at Parliment Hill the seat of the elected government of Canada. This happened during the cold war.


Statement of involvment in Peace movement groups:

I helped with the groups below and still find some time to get out and volunteer with community groups. I have doubts for my own political will to get things done but during events or meetings I stick out assigned tasks but if they ask for too much, I stay home. :)Q

Like to visit the world government then visit the UN web site and,THINK GLOBALLY!.

If your interested in my studies of the globe in a traditional way with pattern recognition check out my bilingual pageWhat's the World about at School?Which is written in two languages: Estonian-English.

For those interested in science and rivers you can check my school papers from courses at Carleton University at: Study hydrology with Pete.

Have a peacefull Internet experience.
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