Negation House(~H)


This is where I lived when I worked in Crystal Computing. Negation house is esoteric property. This little page made from human memory is dedicated to frats, sorieties, communes, boarding houses, halfway houses and other multi-person dwellings everywhere(including prisons).

We lived just around the corner from Grant Avenue Studios, in fact, our friend worked there, guess who owned it? Yup Daniel Langois who works for Island Records and U2.

The band we went out to hear at our local bars was Teenage Head. Who seemed to have disappeared from the Internet.



Homeless? Check Out These Resources
Mental Illness
The government response to helping people find homes.

The A.P.P.L.E. drop-in described.

Looking For Me Now?

Check Out These Resources

The centre for students with disabilities at Carleton University.

The Ottawa Arts Council, linked to my site so finally networking is working well. Check out the links on
the Ottawa Arts Council page, enough for quite a few evenings of arts study.

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