Legal information web page.

Links to sites related to Canadian law and the Government of Canada and Ontario.

The Supreme Court of Canada Web Site/Cour Suprême du Canada

Prime Ministers Web Site/ Le site du Premier Ministre

Communication Security Establishment/Centre de la sécurité des télécommuncations.

Electronic Frontier Foundation Canada/La Frontière Électronique du Canada

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Canadian Security Intelligence Service/Service canadien du reseignement du sécurité

Ottawa-Carleton Regional Police Service/Service de police régional d'Ottawa-Carleton.

Canadian Centre for Police-Race Relations/Centre Canadian Pour Les Relations Interraciales De La Police

Canadian Police College/Collège canadian de police

Have a look at the US Police and the information on this site.

The IASL, the Institute of Air and Space Law

The Carleton University Law Department Home Page.

Peter's reading list of espionage books and the Crystal Computing bookstore

Peter's papers from his legal studies course

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