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Anti-Nuclear Books.

U.S. Nuclear Weapons in Canada

Author:  John Clearwater

Paperback - 280 pages 1 edition (May 2000)
Dundurn Pr Ltd; ISBN: 1550023292

Canadian Nuclear Weapons : The Untold Story

Author:  John Clearwater

Paperback - 400 pages (February 1998)
Dundurn Pr Ltd; ISBN: 1550022997

Last Aid

Publisher: The International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War. Now the Physicians for Global Survival in Canada.

Review: Interested in the opinions of American Presidents or Russian and American Generals on nuclear weapons? Need to know the legal ramifications on a leadership level of the World's governments for you working in the nuclear industry? This book shows many aspects of nuclear weapons including the possible effects on the City of London England. Each and every essay in the book has very nice language and is a good read. Not really brinkmanship politics but then it does give the true opinions on this horrible problem.

A Canticle for Leibowitz

Author: Walter M., Jr Miller

The Geography of Peace and War

Authors: David Pepper, Alan Jenkins

The Nuclear Survival Handbook

Author: Barry Popkess

Nuclear War, Nuclear Peace

Author: Leon Wieseltier

Against the State of Nuclear Terror

Author: Joel Kovel

Waging Peace

Editor: Jim Wallis

Nuclear War: the search for solutions

Authors: Thomas Perry, Dianne Demille

Critical Mass, Voices For a Nuclear Free Future

Multiple Exposures, chronicles of the radiation age

Author: Catherine Caufield


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