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Science Fiction Novels:

The novels included have been read by Peter.


Author: George Orwell



A book that was produced by Orwell on his favorite theme the totalitarian state, as he was a propagandist for British espionage interests.

I always thought that love triumphed after reading this book. But reading it now makes me think of Amnesty International and boredom.

Animal Farm,

Author: George Orwell


The War of the Worlds,

Author: H.G. Wells

The Time Machine,

Author: H. G. Wells


A Canticle for Lebowitz,

Author: Walter M. Miller Jr.


Rocket Ship Galileo,

Author: Robert Heinlein

Have Space Suit Will Travel,

Author: Robert Heinlein

Space Cadet,

Author: Robert Heinlein

Stranger in a Strange Land,

Author: Robert Heinlein


I Will Fear No Evil,

Author: Robert Heinlein


Starship Troopers,

Author: Robert Heinlein

Medusehahs Children,

Author: Robert Heinlein

Red Planet,

Author: Robert Heinlein

The Martian Chronicles,

Author: Ray Bradbury


Fahrenheit 451,

Author: Ray Bradbury


2001, a space odyssey,

Author: Arthur C. Clarke

Tales from White Hart,

Author: Arthur C. Clarke


Childhoods End,

Author: Arthur C. Clarke


Rendezvous with Rama,

Author: Arthur C. Clarke

Review: Vast and mysterious outer space book where a ship is discovered and many of the seventies inventions are used in forms of symbolism to good affect.

The Deep Range,

Author: Arthur C. Clarke



Ring World,

Author: Larry Niven

Review: Again the vastness of outer space and an artificial environment this time many worlds on a space ring are used as a setting for a long journey around the ring.



Brave New World,

Author: Aldus Huxley


Crystal Line,

Author: Anne McCaffery

The Andromeda Strain,

Author: Michael Crichton


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