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Author: William Gibson


This book is a word jam of hip terms from the punk rock world of the late Seventies. Metaphorically, the book includes computers as a thing to do with, or as, drugs. At the same time rebellion, and in fact, theft and vandalism against corporate property are seen as the activity of the main character, Case. Of course, Case sure needs to get on the case and with help of Molly, he soon is traveling around the future of earth not quite sure of what's happening. So there is some wonder and some answers to his novelistic mysteries. While writing books is a good idea I think using the words Punk which after all was a media term from the beginning and writing so much about computers is not such a good idea. But computers need have a place in fiction, just like cars. And, I guess I have seen the author on TV so he must be a good guy.

If you really would like to learn about the electrical grid or the lattice work of molecules then this book shows what artists(science fiction authors) will do while your learning.

Escape Velocity,

Author: Mark Dery

Mona Lisa Overdrive, William Gibson

Heavy Weather,

Author: Bruce Sterling

Review: This book has some very good describtions of computer screens. It also is easier to read than Gibson. But in that it is sort of flat. While descriptions use some creativity, it has a very normal choice of words.

The ideas of weather watchers as rebels seems a bit American. But when you think, that they are trying to sell weather data, as art on the Internet, you are brought no further along to the future than 1994.


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