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Psychiatry Books

Drugs and the Brain (Scientific American Library Series)

Author: Solomon H. Snyder


Author: R. D Laing

Review: This may be patient poetry or things patients said to the this doctor as many of his books were patient dialogues. Or it may be just poetry of the algebra of human relationships as this was a useful approach used by this doctor. A good read if you need to research crazy talk.

Adolescent Suicide: Assessment and Intervention,

Authors: Alan L. Berman, David A. Jobes

Professional titles

Abnormal Psychology,

Author: Ronald J. Comer

Review: A very categorical look at disability and abnormality. You can learn about people who are obviously suffering or just explore the differences people have that brings them to the attention of professional psychiatrists. Usually these conditions, happen to adults, so this is not the same as childhood psychiatry or psychology. Covers a lot and is a good overview or introduction, perhaps not leading to much insight but educational.

Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders(DSM-IV)

Author: National American Psychiatric Team.

Review: A catalog of mental disorders for clinicians that has both helped and hurt me. A jail guard found it useful to explain criminals and I gave my copy of the old edition to a hopeful medical student. It has a method for standardising diagnosis so should lead to better research on the conditions it describes and takes some of the subjectiveness out hopefully of the mental disorder label.

Self Help Titles

Self Esteem at Work

Author: Nathaniel Branden

Caring for the Mind,

Authors: Dianne Hales, Robert E. Hales

Family and Consumer books

The Eden Express

Author: Mark Vonnegut

Review:  This story by Mark V. is enough to convince one that wild living cuases schizophrenia and that drugs aren't needed after enough vitmains are taken.  Mark went nuts.  Mark smokes a lot.  Mark became a doctor.  Mark fell in love.  Enough of Mark's life is explained by himself.  He also talks a bit about the split between existential psychiatry and nerobiology.  A good book don't smoke after reading it!

Surviving Schizophrenia,

Author: E. Fuller Torrey

Review: A fact filled book, covering the various aspects of illness and treatment. There are resource lists and also sections on USA government policy and history of treatment. You can also find sections on recovery and sections on strange perception.

Here Comes the Sun; a Guide for Dealing with Depression,

Authors: Gayle Rosellini, Mark Worden

Review: A good book with techniques for coping with depressions of various kinds. It helped me out on a subconcious level. There are a variety of techniques presented so I hope one would work for everyone.

Coping with Schizophrenia: a guide for families,

Authors: Kim T. Mueger, Susan Gingerich

When Someone You Love Has A Mental Illness: a guide for families friends and care givers,

Authors: Rebecca Woolis, Agnes Haffied

Children's and Teen's Books

Barbituates: Sleeping Potion or Intoxicant(Encyclopedia of Psychoactive Drugs Series 1),

Editor: Solomon H. Snyder.

Authors: Jack E. Henningfield, Nancy Ahmand Ator.

Review: a good look at these drugs which at one time killed about 7,000 people a year by mixing with alcohol.
They are prescribed with more care now a days. Covers intended effects and abuse problems.


Marijuana: It's Effects on Mind and Body(Encyclopedia of Psychoactive Drugs Series 1),

Editors: Solomon H. Snyder, Miriam Cohen, William J. Hermes, Anne Galperin.

Review: a good guide to the history of Marijuana and it's use. Also includes the essential medical and legal info.

Teenage Depression and Suicide(Encyclopedia of Psychoactive Drugs Series 1),

Editors: Solomon H. Snyder, John Chiles

Review: Learn about depression amongst teens and help when suicide seems the only way out.

Treating Mental Illness(Encyclopedia of Psychoactive Drugs Series 1),

Editors: Robert Byck

Review: Learn about treatments available for mental illness.

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