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Geography Books

The Nature and Properties of Soils,

Author: Nyle C. Brady.

Review: This book more than any other science book was accessible at school. I read the whole thing in about a week and really got to know about the molecules and chemicals involved in farming. I also understood at the time the inside of a soil, the profile, as more than a label, but a collection of water, air, organic matter, and minerals.

It covers the details of soils including the standard American classifications, and various experiments that have provided us with what we know of soil. As the publisher says on the Amazon site it is a classic. Also I reviewed at the Amazon web site, I can't shut up about it.

Oxford Dictionary of Geography,

Author: Susan Mayhew

Review: A cheap book which lets one use the right terms or cover more topics and look into the geography. It is a paperback and could really help with a school project or a review in the summer.

Physical Climatology,

Author: William D. Sellers

Review: An advanced book for learning of the earth's climate, taught to me with many calculations and, in fact, it is about the energy balance that the earth has on the surface and in the atmosphere. Recommended to all environmentalists.

The Global Economic System

Author: Iain Wallace

Review:  This was a school book of mine in 1984-85.  I think it is a really good book.  The professor used the book during lectures and it was a real joy to read.

Introducing Physical Geography

Authors:  Alan H Strahler and Arthur N. Strahler

Review:  The classic book for Physical geography 101.

River Geomorphology

Author: Edward J. Hickin

Fluvial Processes in Geomorphology

Authors: Luna B. Leopold,  M.  Gordon Wolman,  John P. Miller


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