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Rising from the Plains,

Author: John McPhee

Review: If you think soils are dry and get the joke then get this book. It has a good value in geography or geology studies in that it's a story in English, whereas most of the educational and technical writings in these fields maybe as dry as the rocks and soils studied.

The Flight of the Iguana: A side long view of science and nature,

Author: David Quammon

Children's books about the environment

Textbooks in ecology

Biological Monitoring: An introduction,

Editor: Shane Que Hee

Review: I haven't read this one but the idea or field it represents should be studied and I have done some research in this area. It is changing but ideas like sentinel species and other ways of knowing our environment are becoming very important in fighting the ecological destruction caused by humankind.

Text books in environmental management and hazards


Silent Spring,

Author: Rachel Carson

Review: You probably know most of the direction this book gave the environmental movement, but it's the original and you can see the full application of nature studies on watersheds and species.

Small is Beautiful: Economics as if people mattered,

Author: E.F. Schumacher

Review: Almost the only economics book I have read. It has been useful to explain work and the need for work by all in our society. Also shows how a corrupt business will not be able to grow and other ethical considerations for business and economists. Critics of the green party could best inform themselves of our economic positions and see that a humane economics can be extended to a middle ground with any other politics.


Arctic Wars, Animal Rights, Endangered Peoples(Arctic Visions),

Author: Finn Lynge,

Translator: Marianne Stenbaek

Review: This is a nice book for learning about life up north. If your interested in arguing with the anti-seal hunt people this books has some facts to help your argument. Also it will give you a hunter centered point of view to your understanding of livelihood.

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