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Crystallography Books

Crystals and Crystal Growing

Author: Alan Holden and Phylis Morrison.

Review: This is the classic book on crystals. It will show you the basics of crystal structure and lattices and allow you to grow a few crystals from the recipes. If you like vectors or geometry you may like to read crystallography.

Optical Mineralogy

Author: Paul Francis Kerr

Review: This book, was my geology class text, in a course about minerals, and identification of minerals using a polarizing microscope. It can be used to search for minerals with certain properties but, this can also be done with databases now. The first section covers the polarising microscope in depth and allowed me to learn to use these tools. The second section includes photographs of the minerals in thin section, and this is the method used to look at these minerals and make identifications. So, although a database may be more efficient than the second part of the book, basic tools such as the microscope are still used to build the database, so should still be learned.

Crystalline Solids

Author: Duncan Mckie

Review: This is the manna for the spatial mind that likes to see inner space of minerals, and maybe, molecules. This book describes the space group classes and is good as an advanced reference for crystallography. Difficult to use with the International Tables, but perfect for the experimenter with access to an X-ray camera for crystals. Covers advanced math involved in making X-ray pictures of crystals.

Diffuse X-Ray Reflections from Crystals,

Author: W.A. Wooster

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