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Computer Security



The Hacker Crackdown: Law and Disorder on the Electronic Frontier,

Author: Bruce Sterling

Review: A good introduction to the legal reality of computer security in terms of Hackers. There may be more mundane duties that are not mentioned in this book. I think the author has numeracy problems and his research is biased by his Cyber punk fictional career. Interviews are from other Cyber authors or Cyber personalities so the view is not that broad. There is a humors interview with a Cyber cop and some mention of social concern. You get the idea that maybe home computing is a set up for trouble. Or that authors like Bruce Sterling have created a problem again through his fiction, that innocent teenagers curious about computers will find becomes a legal problem.

Hackers; heroes of the computer revolution,

Author: Steven Levy

The Cuckoo's Egg,

Authors: Clifford Stoll and Julie Rubenstein

Review: I just borrowed this one from a group I belong too and yes, they had computer problems when I was there. But soon we were discussing the lose of identity that some people experience. I just started reading this book and no I have never been a Super User.

The book is about a hacker from Germany breaking into US military computers. It seems like crime wants computers too. This is an account of a case of espionage.

Fascinating to a point again the author is a physics computer person with superior computer knowledge. He pursues the hacker for weeks and months using non intrusive techniques. I still haven't finished this one but the next book mentions his methods.

The book was on the best seller list of the New York Times for four months.

Computer Crime

Authors: David Icove, Karl Seger & William VonStorch

Review: This is an example of a gift of white space that is used to sell computer literature and software. But also there's tricks and techniques from the FBI in this white space book. Maybe you can go out and bust a computer user or want too. This book will show you how.

It took me about five months to read. But then again it could be a faster read if your focused only on one book.

Crypto : How the Code Rebels Beat the Government -- Saving Privacy in the Digital Age
by Steven Levy

Product Details

Hardcover: 356 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.23 x 9.34 x 6.34
Publisher: Viking Press; ISBN: 0670859508; (January 4, 2001)

In-Print Editions: Paperback (1st)


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